Thursday, November 3, 2011

Solo bow trip #1

October 28 was the beginning of a new addiction.
After a long day at school, which included the annual Fall Festival, we decided to go hunting again.  The weather shifted from hot as Hades with no wind or  rain to wind blowing, overcast,lite drizzle, and cool.
We decided to split up and for me to attempt a solo bow hunt.  As I got home and rushed to change clothes and gather all of my things I began to doubt if I would be any good at this. We drove to Gran Gran and Pawpaw's to drop the kids off. We made our way to the woods trying to decide where to go. I chose the Fork Field( pronounced faulk).
Due to the location of the stand  I had to make my way through the field.  As I eased up to the field, I checked to see if any deer were already there. Thank goodness, no deer. I quickly made it to the other end found my stand, and ascended into the tree stand.
To my relief, getting in the stand and getting settled was much easier than I had expected. I even got Pinkie( my bow) up with out any problems.
As I got settled I had several deer come in a begin to graze. The wind was blowing and swirling and the trees were swaying. The deer seemed to wind me but then they would come right back in.  I tried to read a book on my phone to pass time and the as I read I began to get a little sick.

 Note to self:
Do not read a book in a tree that is swaying.....

I watched several gobblers feed and dust. As the light began to fade, I resigned myself to the fact that once again I would not get to shoot.  Finally, I had a small deer come out, which turned out to be a maiden doe, but I wasn't sure about shooting her so I let her slide.  A few minutes later a small knot head came out and immediately starting acting submissive and walking towards my tree. I turned to see exactly what he was doing and I saw a set horns through the trees. I got my bow and went ahead a stood up. I waited to make sure what I had. When the buck stepped out I couldn't believe what I was seeing. A 10 pointer at what I now know to be 27 steps.  I began to get weak in my knees, my heart was racing and I was breathing hard and shaking. As he stepped out I took aim and let my arrow fly and fly it did, right under him and landed by his front foot! YES I MISSED! I knew as soon as I saw the arrow fly that I had missed. I was sick, literally. He ran off, but some of the other deer stayed around. I waited but to no avail he never came back. So once again he lives to see another day...Maybe next time.
Deer 2 Hunter 0

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