Wednesday, November 2, 2011

First Bow Hunting Trip

 Last November I bought a bow for myself for my birthday. It is a pink,yes I know "pink", Diamond Bowtech. I knew if I got a pink one my boys wouldn't even think about touching it. Mentioning pink to them is like giving Superman a bag of kryptonite. I always thought that bow hunting was too hard and didn't think I would enjoy it. After shooting a bow that belonged to a friend of mine, I thought I would enjoy it. It was really more fun than I thought it would be. So none the less I purchased an "entry level" bow.
We have really had fun shooting bows as a family and with friends. My brother in law, our resident bow hunting expert ( I use the term expert loosely), built a platform to practice shooting. We have used it several times. I was really better at bow shooting than I thought I would be. Although, extremely far from an expert I can assure you!
So after practicing my husband convinced me to give it a go. We went around to several stands one afternoon and tried to decide where we would go. I did not want to go by myself the first time, as I am not a very good judge of distance.
 Our first trip was together to a ground blind in the Tree house patch.  We had a couple of knot heads come out less than 5 yards from the blind. The wind wasn't steady and was swirling around. They winded us a bit and hopped off a a little ways, but never left the field. They seemed to calm down and a few more deer came out in the upper end of the field. It was hard for me to see the upper end due to some branches. As time slipped by I figured we were here to just watch the scenery. Shane began looking at the upper end because he said that the deer were acting like  they were seeing something. All of a sudden he says, "Yep, there's a buck. Oh my God! There is a huge buck!"
"Stop lying! You're full of it! I am not even going to look because you are just saying that" I replied.
Laughingly he says,"No seriously, I swear there is a huge buck in the upper end of the field."
So I lean up almost hanging out of the blind and sure enough there he stands looking all majestic, velvet freshly shed, and 11 points pointig skyward, but oh so far to even think about shooting. He was accompanied by another smaller buck. All of a sudden the wind swirls again and they are gone, bouncing and running of into the thick woods.
  We sat there watching and in a few minutes they return, but ever so cautiously. We could see the big buck and his little companion in the tree line. In fact all I could see was his antlers. As they eased back into the field I began to think maybe just maybe he would wander over far enough and find himself an the pointy end of one of my arrows. However, as luck would have it that was not the case. They did ease back into the field, but as they inched closer and closer towards our ground blind they winded us again.
So Shane and I decided to go ahead and leave because it was getting late and we could avoid scaring any deer by waiting. So he lives to see another day!
Maybe next time....

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