Sunday, January 22, 2012

Black Bear

So our weather has really been terrible in south Alabama lately and so has our hunting. Now let me say that we have seen some deer and I have let a 9 point walk and the same 8 point walk twice to the dismay of my 8 year old. I suppose I should have let him shoot the 8 point, but it was 4:15 in the afternoon and I thought a much bigger deer was going to grace us with his presence, however; he must have had something else on his mind. So I have endured 4 days of... "Why didn't you let me shoot that deer?", and "Momma, I can't believe you didn't let me shoot it! Will you let me shoot it next time?", every 30 minutes.
We have captured a few nice bucks on our game cameras though.

A friend of mine, Karen Baxter, sent me some pictures of a black bear that they have captured on their game camera. Black bears in south Alabama are not that common to see. They are also illegal to kill and are protected in our area. They caught the bear in a patch aptly named "The Bear Patch".


We only have a few more days left of our deer season, so hopefully we will be able to get a few more before the season is out.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Vacation Round Up

Like many people we were busy during Christmas vacation. This year our time was shorter, by 3 days, than normal due to a change in the school schedule. However, we persevered and were able to fit in a lot of happenings.
We started off with a duck hunt at the beaver pond one morning. The hubs had scouted it the day before and it was loaded with ducks. We had some ran move the day and night before, but we set out on that adventure anyway  only to find - as usual with ducks- they are there one day and not the next. The walk across the beaver dam was a little treacherous,but hey anything for ducks, right??!! We were able to get a few though...

We also took a trip to Cuba, Alabama to visit my other BNL, Scott. They have a hunting camp up that way so we took the kids and they got to have a good time with their cousins.
Also the hubs and Owen got lucky and found this little fella wandering around.

The deer came in about 4:20 and he was trying to get Owen set up to shoot and before he could the deer walked out the field. When the deer came back in Shane took the shot.

Holt also "killed" his first buck with his Uncle Stanton on a deer drive. According to Holt he shot the deer. He "says" he pulled the trigger and Uncle Stanton helped hold the shot gun. Well, that's their story and they are sticking to it anyway. After a little celebrateing and dancing around Uncle Stanton was able to snap a picture.

More Pictures from the hunting camp

Airsoft War!!!

BTW those airsoft plastic BBs hurt like the dickens!!

Hope everyone enjoyed there Christmas Holiday and

We celebrated the new year with a family get together at the skinin' shed. We grilled, cooked collards in the old cast iron wash pot( you can see it hanging over the fire in the picture) and roasted marshmallows by the fire. However, no one in my crew made it to see midnight central time. But I am sure we were awake to celebrate in other time zones.