Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Birthday!

So Tuesday was my 36th  uumm 26th birthday!  My fellas decided they would take me out on the town, I said I would go where ever they wanted. We were also celebrating Owen's 8th birthday which will be on the 26th of November.
We headed to Mobile and our first stop was Felix's Fish Camp and Grill. The Camp sits on the Mobile Bay and I had never eaten there before and boy was I in for a surprise. The food was fantabulous. The service was just as fantabulous and we had one of the best waitresses, Amelia she was so cute and sweet.
We started off with 1 dozen oysters on the half shell and fried crab claws. These do not last long with my group.
They also have this great Crab soup that is rich and creamy and just divine.

 I ordered the "Crab Stack", on Amelia's recommendation.

This fabulous meal was literally a stack of crab.
It started out on the bottom was a crispy fried green tomato, topped with humongous crab cake.
On top of the crab cake was a fried oft shell crab,and then jumbo lump crab meat. To top it all of off was a rich delicious Hollandaise sauce.
Can you say
And of course, two jalapeno hush puppies on the side.

My fellas and me outside Felix's

After we literally rolled out of the parking lot we headed back across the bay to a Dr.'s appointment for Owen and Holt.We went in to see Dr. Terry, who is an opthamologist.



After we finally left the doctor's office we headed to my kids all time favorite plac,e Bass Pro Shops.
The first thing we always do is head to the fish tank.
We were met with a first when we got to the tank.
One of the giant bass had eaten another fish and it's tail was sticking out of its mouth.
This was not a feeder fish either.

I don't know if you can tell from the picture, but that is a fish tail hanging out of its mouth.

One of the workers said that they had put 5 crappie in the tank and that this bass had eaten all but one. The lone surviving crappie was hiding in the corner fearing for his life.
We even made a picture with Santa before we left.
Great times spent with the family and celebrating birthdays.


  1. great blog. Britton went to Dr. Terry for years until he grew out of his farsightedness. Dr. Terry told us it might happen, and we were so glad it did. By the way, happy belated bday. You have a beautiful family...even if you are the only chic! Mel Ann