Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Momma Got her a Buck!

If you have read some of my other post then you already know that I hunt too. Yesterday, after a long day at school, I rushed home to gather all my hunting gear so I could get in the woods somewhere. In hast I gathered everything I needed, except I couldn't find my binoculars so I "borrowed" Owen's since he was staying with Gran Gran. I got in the truck said bye to the hubs, as he was rushing to get ready too.
Alone (yes all by myself, I know that is a rarity) I made it to my spot,parked, and walked into the most peaceful place with the  best sound, the quite woods. I made my way through the paths and into the blind. Usually this particular spot at 4:12 in the afternoon has many does and yearlings, but not today. Nothing, notta, zip, zilch, you get the point. So I fiddled around with my phone checking deer movement times, twitter, and facebook of course. As time ticked by I couldn't believe that nobody was coming out to play. Dang acorns. We have had an exceptionally large crop of acorns this year and they are all falling at the same time.
I checked the time while looking and searching, but nothing.Suddenly, out of no where, I saw a doe and her yearling. I thought well at least I get to watch something.
A little spike came in and stood on his hind legs getting acorns off of an oak limb. He began chasing the doe all over the field, I just laughed, You have no chance buddy.
At 5:10, ole Big Daddy came strolling in. He came in directly in front of me only presenting me with a chest shot.I watched for about 10 minutes before I would be able to shoot. The little yearling had meandered her way to the side of the blind about 10 yards away and saw me when I moved. She gave a little snort and he picked his head up and took one step directly towards me. She gave a snort again and finally he took a step sideways and I lowered the hammer on him. WOOOHOOO! BBD for momma!


  1. Illinois don't count. As far as I'm concerned, you are beating your husbad in the deer woods.

    Daniel Dixon

  2. Congrats on a great looking buck!