Tuesday, November 1, 2011

2 Deer One Evening

 –This is my submission for the Sportsman Channel Writing Contest for Hunters hosted by the Outdoor Blogger Network.

A Two Deer Tale:

   The first of the two deer to fall was my 7 year old, Owen's. He was hunting with his dad, my husband, Shane. My oldest son, Gage, and I were hunting together this  particular afternoon. They were hunting at a patch we refer to as the Treehouse. This is the same place where I had killed a 11 point many years earlier (1999). Back before I stopped hunting because I was busy having and raising babies. This was my first year to get back into hunting since the boys were either big enough to go or stay with one of the grandparents. We were hunting in The Fork Field, however we pronounce it "Faulk", an ode to my husband's great grandfather who pronounced fork "faulk".

 Gage and I thought it would be another day skunked by the deer. As we resided ourselves to again leave the patch empty handed we heard a loud BOOOMMM! Simultaneously,y we looked at one another and we both said "Well, Owen got him one!" It was 5 P.M. on the dot. As the light began to fade every so quickly, we were getting ready to leave. I kept saying " In a minute.", to  his questions of, "When are we leaving?"

 As I took one last look through my binoculars, panning and searching the field, hoping for a nice buck to walk I think I see something in the edge of the woods. As I stare through the binoculars I think I see something then I think I don't then I think I do and this cycle continues for about a minute. I tell Gage that there is a buck and I need him to keep an eye on it. Well it was just about too dark for him to see. I eased my gun out the window and try to take aim, I find the deer, I'm shaking, breathing hard, my hart is racing and beating in my ears, I can't hardly think, and squeeze the trigger. BBBOOOOOOOMMMM!  

Low and behold just when we thought we were leaving this nice fella stepped out across the patch just in time for Momma to get her one and only deer of the season. Owen and Shane show up to help get our deer and we begin to tell our tales. to one another. It has been a great memory for all of us. We love to talk about it. It was also a great return to hunting for me after a 10 year break. We will continue to reminisce about this for years to come. We will always be able to say "Remember when we killed those bucks on the same day?"

This is why we hunt with our children. Making memories for a lifetime.

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