Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ronald and Curly

AQHA Curly Man McCue (America's Favorite ACTHA Trail Horse Competitor)

A friend of mine, Ronald "Slick" Sullivan, is competing in
America's Favorite ACTHA Trail Horse Competitor.
The voting is coming soon, November 15th to be exact.
Ronald is a great guy and has been working extremely hard at achieving this goal
 He and Curly has been traveling around the country competing in this competition.
This is  from his facebook page:
Please go and like Curly's page it will help them out in the competiton.

                    VOTE for me! #361 Nov. 15,2011 on HRTV's America's Favorite Trail Horse!
I am competing for ACTHA's Favorite Trail Horse that will be aired on HRTV! November 15,2011 Episode #10! REMEMBER #361!
I am currently the National Point Leader too! Thank you to Alabama Quarter Horse,Emily Peak Photography,Montgomery Serum Company,Twisted Spur and Coosa Valley Equine Services for all the SUPPORT!
Ronald "Slick" Sullivan is a 42 yr. old single father and farrier from Millry,Alabama. Empty Nest Syndrome lead him to equine activities that fed his soul and enlightened his spirit such as competing in stock horse events and competitive trail competitions (CTC's) with the American Competitive Trail Horse Association (ACTHA). His competitive nature was challenged with their 6 miles of trail,6 judged obstacle format. His congenial side met it's needs with several new friends he now couldn't wait to meet up with at the hosted rides.

He and his horse,2003 AQHA Sorrel Gelding Curly Man McCue, did so well at these CTC's that they were soon leading the region in points! His Empty Nest Syndrome was replaced with the dilemma and stress of which trophy buckle to wear! In January, when ACTHA announced they were sponsoring a reality TV show in search of "America's Favorite Trail Horse", Slick knew he and Curly had to audition at the chance to win $100,000 in prizes and money! Of 1000 horse and rider teams, Slick and Curly made the cut of 100 that were invited to come to the finals and taping of AFTH in Blanco,Texas.

We need you and all your friends and family to VOTE for ALQHA's FAVORITE Quarter Horse of the series!


  1. "Slick" & Curly simply ARE THE BEST! America will see that for themselves on November 15th!!!!! ~Ann Harris, Monroe, GA

  2. Thanks for sharing this piece. Can't wait til the 15th!