Sunday, December 4, 2011


We were on our out the door headed to the first duck trip of the season for the boys and me.  The first ever for the boys. We were loaded up and truckin' and half way to the landing when Shane realized  he had forgotten his phone and wallet, which held his hunting license and duck stamp. Since that was kind of important and you can't hunt LEGALLY without it, we turned around and headed back. By the time Stanton and Gage had all of their things unloaded and ready we arrived .
Shane, Owen, and I hurried and put our boat in and got all of our junk hunting stuff and loaded up. We began to make our way out of the slough and into the open river. The Tombigbee was dark and quiet,and quite chilly. We made our way down the river to Okatuppa Creek  making our way back into a slough. We meandered through the slough winding our way around cypress trees, knees, hidden stumps, and downed trees. This is a public area so its on a first come basis. We arrived to find someone had gotten into the spot where Gage and Stanton were going to go so they had to find another spot, which ended being just up the creek from us. It must have been the morning to hunt with family because the person that had gotten there first was hunting with a boy about Gage's age.
We got everything settled and the waiting began. Just as the sun started to lighten the dark sky we could here the ducks flying, but not see them.
As the morning came alive so did we. Shane and I were trying to Owen a shot first and we passed on shooting several. Finally, Owen got one and we began to shoot too.We ended up with 7 ducks collected. I wounded one, when I went to retrieve him he literally disappeared, I think he swam up the little slough behind us.

Shane and Owen after the ducks had stopped flying.

We gathered all of our things and started to wander out of the slough when we saw a coot or poule d'eau as I call it. Gage hadn't killed anything so we stopped and let him shoot the coot.

I would like to thank the inventors of  HotHands Hand Warmers. This is by far the best invention for hunting purposes in my opinion. I am very cold natured and I can't stand for my hands and toes to get cold.

The Hungting Party and Their Ducks

Shane, Me, Owen, and Gage

Gage, and Uncle Stanton

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